Lower Nauta Internet Access hourly prices in Cuba

The slight price reduction of Nauta Internet connection is good news for many Cubans.

From IMO video calls to chats on Whatsapp, Facebook news feed or Instagram pics, many of these tech apps, are already wide used by a high percentage of the world population, are becoming part of Cubans’ daily basis.

Let’s try to shed light on the main causes of this change: A few years ago, the Cuban state-owned telecommunications company decided to offer anyone the possibility of getting connected. Until then this was a benefit enjoyed exclusively by certain individuals such as doctors, journalists, intellectuals and foreigners living in Cuba. Thanks to the installation of the first Wi-Fi hotspots…

At the beginning the cost of the Nauta international navigation service was 2 CUC per hour; it was later lowered to 1.50 CUC. As from today, each Internet hour will cost 1 CUC.
The price of the Nauta Internet service has changed; this is one of the most common means of communication between Cubans living in and out of the island.

The price will continue to be a problem, taking into account that one Cuban convertible peso (CUC) is equal to 25 pesos in the so-called “national” currency, that is the currency in which most Cuban employees are paid. Nevertheless, it became evident that the navigation service attracted great interest from Cubans even when it was more expensive, which obviously means that the markdown is good news and takes the pressure off the Cubans’ pockets.

To topup the Nauta Internet Service you need you have an International navigation account with a username in the form of user@nauta.com.cu, which looks like an email account, but it isn’t; it’s just the format of the username supplied by ETECSA when a new account is setup.

The account can be accessed in three different ways:

  • Going to a Hotel or ETECSA premises enabled for Internet navigation
  • By connecting to the wireless network in the Wi-Fi hotspots that have been opened all throughout the island.
  • By accessing Nauta Hogar, the home Internet service that is being gradually expanded in the country, from the homes of the very few that have contracted the service.

For Nauta Hogar service, clients will have to pay 1 CUC per each additional hour, only after having consumed the prepaid 30-hour package (whose cost is lower than the regular prices in the Wi-Fi hotspots).

Three different ways to topup the Internet quota:

  • Buy a top-up card in any ETECSA store or from a authorized telecommunications agent.
  • Send a top-up from another country.
  • Personally request for a top-up of the @nauta.com.cu account in an ETECSA store.

From now on those that connect to the Internet from parks and sidewalks (who are probably the majority of Nauta users in Cuba) will spend 0.50 CUC cents less than before, which equal 10 pesos in the national currency.

If we see conditions and prices in Cuba from a perspective of global telecommunication, they are far from ideal. At the same time, Cubans have demonstrated that they are eager to get connected. This has arisen to cover two different needs: first, to get closer to emigrant relatives and friends, and second, to access to the piles of information of every topic available.

Under such circumstances, a change in ETECSA prices will always become news.
What do you think about this? How many Internet hours are you or your relatives planning to buy at the new price?